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We know you may have concerns, so we’ve put all our plans in one place for to easily see what we’re doing to keep nursery safe for your family.

Measures to keep everyone safe

Q: How will the nursery protect all children, parents and families?
A: We will continue to practice excellent levels of hygiene, including:

  • hand washing of children and staff on arrival
  • increased frequency of the cleaning of bathrooms, toys and facilities
  • wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • reduction of the sharing of resources
  • show-round visits for new families ensuring no contact, eg out of hours
  • and by referring to the well child policy implemented during Phase 2

Further measures we have adopted include:

  • Staggered start times – we will work as closely as we can to your required start times but without creating long queues outside of nursery putting those waiting at risk
  • Social distancing for staff and parents, by reducing footfall in nursery. Only one parent will be allowed to drop and collect from their designated area.
  • Careful monitoring of the health of children and staff in line with PHE guidance. Anyone with a temperature of 37.8 degrees C will be asked to stay away from nursery whatever the reason.
  • Wearing PPE will continue when handling bodily fluids, when preparing food and for the administration of first aid.
  • Scrupulous hand hygiene for all, including handwashing on arrival and throughout the day
  • Visitors will only be allowed entry to complete business critical tasks, such as a gas engineer, and will all be required to follow our procedures.
  • Children will be unable to bring any toys from home and buggies, car seats etc. must not be left on site.
  • All spaces will be well ventilated.

Thank you for your support in following these measures.

Q: If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in nursery, will you tell us?
A: Yes, if there is a confirmed case within or connected to the nursery you will be notified. Government guidance for early years and childcare providers during the Covid-19 outbreak (updated 20 July 2020) state where a child or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, the rest of the group within the nursery will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that wider group do not need to self-isolate unless the child develops symptoms.

If your child has a confirmed case of Covid-19, their absence will be recorded as sickness, and nursery fees will apply as normal.

If your child is required to self-isolate for 14 days because of a positive test in their nursery room, their absence period will be charged at 50% of the annualised daily rate for your account.

Q: How are you supporting the testing of your staff?
A: The University of Birmingham now has a walk-in test centre on campus. Appointments can be booked via 119.

Q: How will social distancing be respected in nursery?
A: There will be staggered drop off and collection times. We ask all families to respect social distancing when arriving at nursery, and to observe the markings in the car park when waiting. Within a nursery social distancing is hard, but we will do all we can in each nursery to support this by:

  • where possible, arranging for drop off and collection to take place outdoors
  • avoiding the movement of children and staff between rooms or within communal spaces
  • using outdoor areas as much as possible
  • spending time in room bubbles
  • each room will work independently of other age groups
  • repurposing spaces to provide additional space for staff breaks or amending break schedules to support smaller groups
  • staff will be carefully deployed within the nursery and will only work in one room, and as far as possible with their key children

Q: Will you comfort my child if they are upset?

A: Absolutely. Social distancing must be carefully balanced with ensuring the emotional well- being of each child. If a child becomes upset at any time with us we will comfort them as they need, be this with a cuddle or a story time for example. No child will be left crying because of social distancing.

A: Can my child have their comforter?
Q: Yes- If your child uses a dummy, please supply at least two so a spare one can be kept on hand in a Milton style solution. If your child has a blanket or similar, please ensure the nursery has a spare so we can sufficiently launder. Comforters will be available to children when they need them, for example when they are upset, tired, or going for their nap. At other times comforters will be in the child’s bag to prevent other children accessing these.

Please do not bring in any favoured toys from home.

Please note: the use of dummy straps are not permitted as these enable the dummy to be in contact with surfaces.

Q: Will staff be wearing face masks or coverings?
A: Government guidance states that PPE is not required for general use for early years settings to protect against the virus.

Some staff may wear face shields or another type of PPE during drop off and collection times, or when they are unable to socially distance from other staff indoors.

New families

Q: How can I visit the nursery and book a place?
A: Please contact your preferred nursery directly to discuss arrangements. Scroll down to see each nursery’s phone number, or explore the nurseries to find out more about each location.

Questions about your fees account

If you have an outstanding balance on your account this must be settled before you are able to come for your first day.

Q: If I don’t return straight away will I be charged?
A: No, your account will start on the first day that you need use and normal charges will apply. Please indicate your requirements.

Q: Can I pay through salary sacrifice?
A: If you work at the University of Birmingham, yes. Please talk to your nursery manager.

Please note: late charges are applicable if you do not collect your child by the agreed time.

EEE funding for eligible 2, 3 and 4-year-olds will be going out on 1 September for the autumn term. Birmingham City Council operates a headcount day each term. If your child is not in attendance on this date, you cannot access this funding and will not be eligible until the following term.