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What will your child be doing all day?

Exploring and imagining

They’ll be: planting seeds in a botanic garden, getting muddy at Forest School, building a pirate ship from pine cones, discovering the texture of grass…

The innovative indoor and outdoor settings at The Elms, The Oaks and The Maples offer so many unique opportunities to develop independence, from babies to pre-school age.

Staying curious

They’ll be: playing with natural resources, loose parts and open-ended ‘invitations’ instead of narrow, prescriptive activities…

Everything’s new to little ones, and yours will keep experiencing the joy that comes with discovery – even while they’re learning to count or developing their fine motor skills.

Becoming mindful

They’ll be: using authentic objects, like real tea sets and resources from the garden…

These help your child develop self-awareness, learn their actions have consequences and grow in confidence, in a safe and well-supported way.

Feeling welcome

They’ll be: arriving to calm natural colours, soft textures, and staff who make sure everyone’s included…

At Birmingham Day Nurseries, settings are designed to be a natural extension of home: a familiar, comforting space to make new friends – no matter what learning journey you’re on.

Connecting with a wider world

They’ll be: collecting rainwater for the garden, making a home for insects and bees, growing vegetables…

Sustainability is built into our ethos, helping your child grow up with a deep understanding of their relationship with their environment.

Being safe, secure and cared for

They’ll be: knowing their key worker is there for them, building close bonds with caring staff, making friends…

Award-winning, well-qualified and passionate staff are the beating heart of all three day nurseries. You’ll work in partnership to give your child a wonderful start in life.

Your child’s learning adventure starts here.

Find out more about the three Birmingham Day Nurseries: The Elms, The Oaks and The Maples.

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