Spring is certainly taking its time this year. But as those mornings keep getting lighter and the green shoots start to appear, there’s plenty to look forward to.

At Birmingham Day Nurseries, your child will already participate in lots of nature-based activities. We’ll be sharing and talking with them about the changes that go on all around them: new plants they may never have seen before, warmer – and wetter! – weather, different clothes to match it.

Helping your child be more aware of the world around them isn’t just about learning facts or new words; it supports their sense of self-awareness, and gives them a sense of their place in the world.

You can support that, too. When you’re out and about with your little one or all the family, be sure to spend some time noticing what’s changing around you. Here are some great ideas for getting the conversation going, and helping your child’s awareness of the seasons.

What can you see that’s green? What can see that’s yellow?

Look at the trees. Are there new buds or leaves?

In the park, look for flowers. How many different kinds can you count?

What colours can you see?

Do the flowers look up at the sky? Why do they do that?

Is it raining? Do you need an umbrella, or wellies? Are there puddles to splash in?

This time of year is called spring. What do you know about springtime?

In spring, lots of things grow. Are you growing too? How can you tell?

Is your hair growing? Are your fingernails growing?

Am I growing?

Small conversations like these help your child to acquire language, teach them to be observant, and show that you care about the world around you. And they’re fun, too! You might be surprised how much your child already knows about spring.