In July 2017, The Oaks and The Elms were accredited with the Millie’s Mark award.

Millie's Mark celebrations at The Oaks

This special endorsement is for childcare providers that go above and beyond minimum requirements, by having 100% of staff trained in paediatric first aid. This includes all agency staff, student employees, kitchen and office staff.

The training ensures staff know how to manage medical emergencies. But that’s not all: staff are also mindful of risks, and able to take action on a daily basis to minimise the likelihood of accidents.

That means your child is always in safe hands.

Although the Maples Day Nursery does not yet have Millie’s Mark, staff all receive the same essential training.

Staying up to date

The accreditation requires that everything learned in the course is kept in the forefront of practitioners’ minds – so they are confident, ready and capable for any first aid situation.

paediatric first aid training University of Birmingham

The University nurseries currently hold in-house training with two qualified first aid instructors, who are able to offer the training when required. This ensures that the staff team consistently stay up to date and knowledgeable. Training is held regularly, usually every other month, and involves 2 days of training.

Recently training has also been offered to agency staff from Kidstaff and Eyears, to share good practice with fellow practitioners, and enable more staff to offer their support to the nurseries.

What to know as a parent

When your baby or child is being cared for at a University of Birmingham nursery, they’ll always be surrounded by people with the right first aid skills at their fingertips.

Paediatric first aid dummy

If you’d like to know more, ask your child’s key person.